Our mission as a club is to provide children with a fun, wholesome sport-fitness activity which will be physically and mentally stimulating, to promote sportsmanship and safe, competitive play and to help the children improve their knowledge and skill.


We are always looking for parents to volunteer to help. Whether it’s sewing, fundraising, helping run the bench at games, etc., we want to get our parents more involved!


We’re continually working to find ways to raise funds to purchase uniforms and equipment and lower the overall cost for our players and their parents. If you have fundraising ideas, please share them with us!

Board of Directors

Our volunteer board of directors gives their time to guide our club…

All of our board members are parents of youth players. We give our time and energy to help the club grow and to make the experience more fun and meaningful for all of our players. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that has to happen to keep everything moving forward and to build the program to make it bigger. We have exciting plans and ambitions for our club!

The Board of Directors is made up of the following volunteers:
President: Erik Dahl
Vice President: Gene Blondel
Secretary: John Mertes
Treasurer: Geoffrey Barber
Registrar: Matt Planer

Our Coaches:

Coach David Sticker grew up playing inline hockey in Tucson. He became involved in coaching and was running the program at Tucson Indoor Sports. He envisioned the program growing and expanding to include travel teams. The Board seized upon his vision and formed the Club. He played defense on the University of Arizona inline hockey team and now helps coach the U of A team. He primarily works with the defenses on our travel teams.

Coach Jeremy Hiltabidel also grew up playing inline hockey in Tucson. He is a coach of the University of Arizona inline hockey team. He primarily works with the offenses on our travel teams.

Coach Brett Bushnell has joined us as a goalie coach. He was the goalie on the University of Arizona inline hockey team. He is a welcome addition to our program as he focuses on the development of our growing group of goalies.

Coach Kurt Beutel and Coach Mike Richardson are both parents who play inline hockey themselves and volunteer their time to help coach both our rec teams and our 8u travel team.

We’ve increased our use of various other parents volunteers to help coach our rec hockey teams.  Our players have benefitted from their different perspectives and coaching styles, and we plan to continue to involve as many parents as we can.